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    How do I get brighter colors for stepped temperature diverging values?


      Is there a way to show brighter colors when using the custom diverging color values?  i.e. I'd like to use a 3 step temperature diverging set of values with a bright red, yellow and green similar to traffic lights.  But when I select the brightest red and green values, the gradient seems to dull them out when assigning them to the 3 steps. 


      I've attached a small sample twbx and screenshots that illustrate the issue.  I know I can assign custom colors for each value, but this is part of a much more complicated visualization where the diverging step values are the way I need to assign color to the shapes.


      traffic lights.JPG

      You can notice that the selected green/red are much brighter than the colors being used for the steps and the middle yellow is just kind of awful.

      step color.JPG


      Is there a way to pick the specific color to assign to each step value?  Any suggestions on how to brighten the colors would be great.


      I should mention I am using Tableau 7, but if there is a way to do this in Tableau 8, I'd love to hear it.