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    heatmap of a web page

    David Berger

      Is it possible to create a heat map of a web page?

      Could I load a JPG of a static page, and somehow identify coordinat blocks on that page that Identify certain marketing slots, so I could do heat maps of click rate by placement?


      I've attached what you can get from Adobe Site Catalyst's click map, but I've always found that tool to be pretty inaccurate.  I can capture click data more effectively elsewhere, but not sure how to define a custom map.


      If anyone can point me towards an example of some documentation, it would be appreciated.

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          David Andrade

          Hi David, you'll probably have to do a bit of data massaging before connecting to Tableau. If you have your image size set, you can figure out exactly where to plot your polygon coordinates for the heat map, then associate how many clicks are associated with each polygon. The polygon can indicate areas like Client Login, Sign Up, Mobile Access, etc. Below is a good thread to get you started.



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            David Andrade

            To follow up, here's what I did in Tableau. Data tables in Excel on the right. One for the actual point data, one for the polygon shapes. Created a worksheet, blended the data between the two sources and heat mapped based on the number of clicks contained in each section.



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              David Berger

              David:  thanks for your help.  I got it as well.

              I had gotten to loading my page as a background image, and had gotten to single points, but I didn'ft know about the polygon mapping and the polygon Shape.  the Point Order Detail was also something new to me.


              Our homepage layout doesn't change much, so this is exciting for me.  thanks for your help.