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    Generate thumbnail as user problem

    Robin Kennedy

      I have a workbook that I'd like to share with 4 users via Tableau Server.


      Each user can only see data relevant to their region so I have set up a user filter on the Region dimension.


      This works fine but when I publish it asks which user I would like to use to generate the thumbnail for the view -- none are valid as each user mustn't see the others' data, even in thumbnail form.


      I can get around this by selecting a user that has no permissions to see the data at all and the thumbnail appears as a generic image "User specific view" but this seems odd to have to do...


      Why can't I select 'Don't create a thumbnail' from the dropdown list?

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          Andrew Chiu

          I have the same requirement in which users cannot be allowed to see others' data, even in thumbnail form.


          Even worse, all my users will have permission to see a non-empty subset of the data, which means I cannot even force the "User Specific View" blank thumbnail to display by selecting a user that cannot see any data.


          Getting back to Robin's example, it seems appropriate to have two additional options:

          1. For each of the four users, generate a unique thumbnail using their user filter.
          2. Don't create a thumbnail (as Robin suggested).
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            Ryan Lui

            What I will suggest is ...

            .... to create a separate user-account for Deployment(Publish) only but do not grant any other permissions.

            because this account cannot see any data.

            Of course, you must implement the Data Source Filter to secure your data based on the login's username.