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    Data Source/Extract Ignoring SQL Error

    Darren Touseull

      We have a report that was developed by an external consultant that has since left.  I am seeing an issue where the refresh of the Extract for the data source is only returning a limited number of rows.


      I trapped the SQL via SQL Profiler and ran it directly against SQL.  The query basically generated an error on data conversion after returning back a few hundred rows.  The query is joining 2 columns, one defined as CHAR and the other as INT.  The CHAR field does contain both numeric and non numeric values, so the query works/returned rows until a non numeric value is attempted to be converted to INT.


      The issue to me is that why doesn't Tableau alert me to this issue?  Or is there a way to set this level of notification in a Tableau data source/connection?   We also have the Extract scheduled to run each night and per the Maintenance page, everything is reporting as error free.


      I realize the data source need to be changed to compatible data types, but you never know when a SQL error might occur for some reason or another and I was surprised at the lack of error handling.


      Any thoughts/insight is appreciated.  Thanks.