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    WITH statement in SQL connection


      I have written some SQL statements and tested them directly in SQL server - they work.


      When I try to use same statements in Tableau SQL connection I get an error message. I think I have isolated the issue to a WITH statement in the SQL code.


      Does Tableau not allow WITH statements or are there any special formating requirements...?  Any input would be appreciated.


      I have written something like:



      WITH X AS (



      FROM parttable


      [...rest of query referencing to X]


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          Robin Kennedy

          When you use custom SQL in the connection, Tableau wraps this into a subquery, and then queries it to get the results on the screen.


          I don't think you can use WITH within a subquery hence your errors.


          Are you able to write views in the database? Then you can use Tableau to connect to those.

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