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    Are there any guidelines for sample workbooks provided with Desktop 8.0?

    Elena Barmina



      I have a question about a workbook that I found in the samples of Desktop 8.0 (Probably, it was there before, but 8.0 is where I start).


      It is called "Variety" and it includes a sheet called "World Oil Use and Reserves". This dashbaord includes a viz called "Latest to Prior". This chart is something I would like to create on my data, but I do not yet have a clue how to back-engineer this example.


      Is there any step by step description or any information on the creation of similar reports? I'd be really greatful if someone pointed me to some related details. Or if there alredy exist the topis where the sample worksheets are discussed, could someone point me to those too?


      Thanks in advance,