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    Tableau 8 and Chrome - Flashing Visuals

    Robert Sinclair

      I'm running into an issue when pulling up a version 8 visual in chrome, where the visual flashes continuously.  Since I am unable to find any info about other users experiencing the same issue on the website , I suspect it may be something regarding my settings.  Please check out the brief video and let me know if you have any suggestions.






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          Russell Christopher

          Wow! Very interesting! (But sorry you ran into this)


          The first viz is re-rending continuously. Questions:


          • Is the dashboard itself set to "Automatic" sizing or do you have it set to a specific height/width?
          • What happens if you CHANGE the size setting? Maybe lower / increase it a touch and re-publish?
          • What happens if you resize the Chrome window itself?
          • I see you're embedding. How? An IFRAME? JavaScript?
          • I see you have buttons and other UI in the web page - do they interact with the viz at all? How?
          • Please view this sucker inside the Tableau Server portal vs. "your" web page. Does it endlessly-refresh there?
          • From inside the Tableau Portal viewer, please take a "Share" link and paste it into a new HTML page. Does the viz page exhibit the same behavior running inside the "new" HTML page?


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            Robert Sinclair



            Thanks for the tips.


            The sizing was set to automatic. I started here.  As suggested I adjusted the dashboard down in size and re-published and the problem went away.  I then went back in and changed it back to automatic and re-published again.  This time it worked fine without the flashing. This is not something I had to fiddle with in Firefox; just Chrome.  Hopefully, this was a one-time thing and not a process i have to repeat with each publish of a visual. 


            As for your other question, we use an iFrame.