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    How to create a calculated field on an aggregation?

    Amy Song

      Hi, hoping someone could help me:


      I have a dataset that shows truck activity where each row is a movement (see below). I would like to create a calculated field that flags trucks that were active at least 3 times a day.  I tried to roll up my extract to a daily agg and pull the truck IDs (field name RFID Number) in as a filter, but ran into some issues, the primary one being that terminal is a column and I want to group by only day, rfid, and sum number of records.


      So as an example, I have a view that shows the percent of model year of the total trucks (attached).  I would like to be able to pull this calculated field in and filter to the subset of higher frequency use trucks (3+ movements a day).  Thanks so much in advance!data_for_aggregation_sample.PNG