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    Histogram off calculated Measure field

    Jackie Klein

      I'm trying to do a histogram in tableau off a calculated Measure field.  Does this not work in tableau?  I click on the measure field that I want to do the box plot of, and then select box plot, but nothing happens (the graph icon is grayed out like it's not an option or something for that measure?).  The measure is a calculated field with values that range from 0-100%.  Also, is there another forum for statistics questions or is this the right place for those as well?

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          Dana Withers

          Hi Jackie,


          It does say that histograms are not available for all measures. Your measure must be one of the exceptions. I have done histograms on calculated fields, but I think they are not available for certain table calculations.

          If you want, you can attach a workbook with sample/dummy data and perhaps there is another way of doing what you would like to achieve...


          Hope that helps,



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            Carl Persson

            I too am trying to figure this out. I am using a calculated field averaging clock-times. The calculation is based on 2 fields with numerical data:




            The option for "Create Bin" is not available in that calculated field.




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              Justin Emerick



              While this doesn't give you the full use of a Bin,  you could create another (or modify your existing) calc field to use the "Round" function. This would put your values for sum([total_time])/sum([grand_total]) into "bin" like segments.


              let's say you wanted the values to increment every .5




              you could also create a parameter that to dynamically change the increments

              round((sum([total_time])/sum([grand_total]))/([numeric parameter]),0)*([numeric parameter])