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    Updating Excel Extracts on Server

    Jason Halmagy

      I have created a dashboard using an Excel extract and published it to Server. I have set this extract to be updated every morning, but the update never happens. I think I may be missing something on how to get these extracts to update. The Server running Tableau is not the same as the source excel file that updates the extract. Please let me know if this a simple answer or if more info is needed.




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          Joshua Milligan



          What does the "Background Tasks" view (under "Administration" --> "Maintenance") show for the time you expect the extract to run?  If you manually start the extract on the server, does it work?




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            Hey Jason,


            Did you publish the workbook with the option 'Include External Files' unchecked ?


            Tableau has this option checked by default when you submit a work connecting to excel files. If you publish your workbook in this way, a snapshot of source file will be attached inside the workbook and every time you hit refresh, the workbook is not connecting any outside source but this snapshot. Probably that's why you cannot get refreshed data even you kick off the task mannually.




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              Toby Erkson

              Jason Halmagy wrote:


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                The way I publish Excel or CSV files is to use the UNC (Universal Naming Convention) for the path to the file.  UNC looks something like:  \\[servername or ipaddress]\sharedfolder\filename.xlsx.


                Be sure that the network service Active Directory account that Tableau Server uses has read/write permissions to that sharedfolder and can access the folder.


                With those elements in place, then you can publish to the server without checking the 'Include External Files' box, since the server will be able to read the file directly.  If you are publishing an extract of the Excel file, then the server will be able to schedule a refresh, since it has access to the underlying file location.


                Last, have your server admin check the error log (or if you are a site admin, you can check it out under background tasks).  After requesting a 'run now' update of the extract, see if the extract is successful or not.  The error message should help you figure out what problems you might be having in your setup.

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                  One caution to add -- when the 'include external files' box is not checked, then ALL external files are not uploaded - including images.  A work around is to instead publish the Excel workbook as a separate datasource on the server (following the same instructions to create a server-readable link).  When a Tableau workbook then uses the published Excel datasource instead, then the 'include external files' checkbox can be selected in order to upload the other files that were excluded.  This approach then gives you the best of both worlds - a live connection to a file based datasource and uploaded images.

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