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    Sort with hierarchy in place

    Vaidy Krishnan



      I'm facing a problem that I cant seem to resolve in spite of repeated attempts. My dashboard has a hierarchy i.e, Lets Say Category A (High Level), Category B  (low level)


      I'm pulling A and B into the rows and Sum(Amt) in the columns.


      Now I put a descending sort by amt on both A and B. When I collapse B, I see that amt is clearly sorted by A.


      But when I click the + sign the Sort on B doesnt seem to work. I know I'm doing everything right.


      I also tried creating a set A,B, sorting the set in descending by amt - and placing it between A and B. But again when I uncollapse, the set goes to the extreme right and the sort on B goes haywire.


      How do I solve this?


      Thanks for all your help!