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    Is there a way to get context sensitive formating for measures?

    . Matthew

      I need to be able to show a measure in a crosstab where the number can vary from a few hundred up to several billion on occasion depending on a filter selection.  This is giving me a formating headache in a dashboard environment because when I use the automatic number format option I am left with the choice of either setting a massive cell width  which looks stupid with the small numbers or if the cell width is reduced having to put up with "########" when the number is large.  I can chose to use the number format units as millions, and this works well for the large numbers but it is completely hopeless with the smaller numbers as they show up as 0.00M. 


      What I would like to have is a way where the formating will automatically show standard units when the number is small and then show units in millions when the number is large. Does anyone have any ideas/workarounds to solve my dilemma?