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    How Do I Create a Total per Month?

    John Sobczak

      I feel like I'm on a dumb streak this week.   I'm trying to create a total per month to put in an annotation.  I do not think I can use a reference line since I either have to do by pane or cell, which the month level is  neither.  If there is  a way to change the date field to attain this WITHOUT losing the sort by day on axis then that would work.  Otherwise I assume this is  a table calc.  I honestly do not understand all the tiered options in the table calc dialog box.  Attached is a mocked up workbook.with 2nd tab (Bar Chart) in which I'm working with.


      This again should be a very basic and simple calculation.

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          Dan Huff



          You were very close to the solution. The order of the fields in your compute using dialog was slightly off. I have attached a version with the correct answer. The order of the fields in the compute using is very important as this tells Tableau how to run the calculation. In general, the leftmost fields on rows will be the topmost in the compute using. You can then add subsequent relevant fields to the compute using following the same sort of structure.


          I have placed the calculation on the level of detail shelf so that you can always see the information when you hover over a mark.


          Hope this helps,



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            John Sobczak

            Thanks so much Dan!   I didn't realize the ORDER PLACEMENT of the fields in the advanced dialog box makes a BIG difference.