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    Google Connector

    Greg Blackshields

      Hi there


      just wondering if anyone has found a way to enure nightly from GA via the connector in V8 for the time lines I have specified in my workbook.

      I can't seem to ''extract'' the data from Google, I'm fine with this once my feeds update each night.

      But it seems I have to re edit my GA connection to update the timelines myself.


      I'm sure there is a nice and easy step that I have missed:)





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          Robert Morton

          Hi Greg,


          Tableau automatically extracts the data upon connecting via Google Analytics, since the Tableau Data Engine is faster and has more functionality than the analytics natively supported in GA. You should be able to set your GA connections to update on a nightly schedule, though I don't know if those updates are automatically handled as incremental updates (I believe they are, I'm just not certain).


          I hope this helps,


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            Greg Blackshields

            Hi Robert

            thankls for your reply- ahve been on to Tableau Suppoert on same issue.

            Thing is when I open my report and try to create the extract that would allow me to schedule nightly updates, the option to extract is greyed out and not accessible.


            I ahve been back on to Support so hopefully they can answer my question.


            Thanks again