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    Trusted Authentication Landing/Starting page

    Jason Cluggish



      We're trying to setup a trusted authentication portal to get our users off of AD.  Is there any way to setup a default landing page for trusted authentication users so they can select the view they'd like to see in a session?  Preferably the Projects - Overview page or even the Views - Overview page.


      I've tried changing the default starting page under Maintenance but can't get a proper page to come up.  If I try to use the path as "http:/server/trusted/[valid ticket]/views/projects" the Tableau login page come up even after the request has been authenticated.


      At this point, the only work around I can think of is connecting to the Tableau database, looking up the views a user has access to and then creating my own page.  This seems like a substantial undertaking for a basic landing page feature for trusted authentication.


      So has any one gotten a default landing page to work with Trusted authentication or have other ideas in how to approach this issue?