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    Calculating a true rolling-12 aggregate

    Tandra Bidyananda



      I am creating a bar chart that uses a rolling-12 sum for display. I would like to only restrict data for the last 12 months in this chart. However, as soon as I put the date range filter on the extract limiting the data to last 12 months, my rolling-12 numbers no longer "actually" have 12 data points being used in the sum-calculation. However, if the date filter is set to last 24 months, I see a correct calculation on the chart, but then I also have 24 months of bar charts in the display.


      Is there a workaround to put a filter that only restricts the view of the data on the charts? Currently, I need to manually "Hide data" for the first 12 months of the chart.


      Here is a picture of what I have today :


      Current view.jpg

      Here is a picture of what I need the view to look like (without the numbers changing) :

      Expected view.jpg

      Any help would be highly valuable! Thanks!