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    Scenario Analysis in Tableau

    Pulkit Saxena



      I am trying to create a simple straight line plot of efficiency vs Operating Expense where" Efficiency Ratio = Operational Expenses/ Total Revenue"


      Now in the current data set the efficiency corresponds to one revenue and one operational number


      No i want to plot efficiency vs operating expense keeping the Revenue same.. So the line would show how Different efficiency will correspond to different operating expenses if the revenue remain the same.


      Can we create such scenarios in Tableau?





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          Ey Tan

          Hello Pulkit, you could use a calculated field inputting a constant value for revenue or use a parameter setting for that if you wish to change it dynamically. is this what you were asking for, or do you have a sample twbx file so we may understand your requirements better?

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            Pulkit Saxena

            Hey Ey,


            What I am trying to do i a create a series of value of Efficiency ratio say from 20% to 70% for each given company. Then based on the fixed revenue (already in the data set) i will populate the operating expenses using the formula - "Efficiency Ratio = Operational Expenses/ Total Revenue". This will result in a straight line plot of Efficiency Ration vs Operational Expense.


            Attached is a sample chart that I want to create.