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    Deploying with empty extracts

    Nay Lin Soe

      Hello all,


      Our company is getting into the deployment phase and we are defining procedures/steps for doing this. One of the things we would like to do is to deploy (publish) the workbooks with empty extracts initially (all our workbooks work on extracts), then change the connection information on the server and set a refresh schedule. So when the schedule runs shortly after, the extracts will be populated.


      Our difficulty is creating the empty extracts. I remember seeing in a post that they can be created by adding an extract-filter that is (always) false. Here is what I've tried:

      - Right click on a data connection to select 'Edit Data Source Filters...'

      - Add a condition that is always false

      - Refresh the extracts (and they become empty)

      - Remove the false condition that was added

      - WITHOUT refreshing the extract, publish the workbook

      - On the server, set up an extract-refresh schedule

      - Run the schedule


      The problem is that when the schedule is run, the extracts remain empty. I cannot find the post that I was referring to anymore. Would anyone have any recommendation? Thanks in advance...