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    Summarizing by Polygon Shapes

    Tom Bowen

      I have created polygon shapes and joined that data with my store level data.  The problem that I am having now is that I can't summarize by those shapes.  The output is placing pie charts on each point order point...I think that the summary is actually correct but it is just placing it multiple times for the polygon shape...any thoughts?

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          Shawn Wallwork

          Tom, what you're trying to do can be done. What's interesting is that you're creating polygons and trying to join these to "store level data", yet you're fairly new to the community. That's impressive! You can do this, but you'll need to mock up a bit of data that gives us the data-format/structure (we really don't care about the specific numbers just the structure).


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            Noel Avison

            Well first off you need to make sure that the mark is set to polygon and not automatic or anything like that. Then make sure that point order is set to path and that the polygon name is set to detail.


            If you are seeing pie charts, then most likely your mark type is set to automatic. Make sure its set at polygon.