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    Path Shelf for From - To Pattern Analysis / How to hide a path if a value for a point is "0"

    Geoffroy Magnan

      Based on the KB article : "http://kb.tableausoftware.com/articles/knowledgebase/using-path-shelf-pattern-analysis", I created a viz to display the movements of working in the form of "The People living in X state work in the Y state".


      My data are in the form of :

      Path IDPath OrderNumberLatitudeLongitude
      Anvers to Anvers1787051,2166674,400000
      Anvers to Anvers2562251,2166674,400000
      Anvers to Brabant flamand1787051,2166674,400000
      Anvers to Brabant flamand222550,8833334,700000


      The path width display the total amount of workers "from" and "to"


      The problem I have is that they area also paths where there are no workers, for example :

      Anvers to Luxembourg1787051,2166674,400000
      Anvers to Luxembourg2049,6830005,817000


      When displaying these, Tableau shows a path from "Anvers" to "Luxembourg", although in the logic of the analysis, there shouldn't be any path.


      Is there a way to tell Tableau to disable the display of these paths or should I manually filters these paths ? If this is the correct approach, any hint on how to do it ?