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    Display data in table rather than cross tab

    Gowtham P



      I would like to know if there is any way we can display data in Table rather than cross tab. Cross Tab looks good. But when we do export to excel, the cross tab won't be helpful for users if they want to do their analysis. (Ofcourse Tableau helps in quick analysis). But more users prefer excel to do some more by exporting data to excel.


      I tried these ways:


      1. Worksheet --> Export --> Data

           The only option I am getting is Access db. Even though it looks good without any format, the following are observed:

           a) Columns are not in order

            b) Can't be exported to excel in the same manner


      2. Worksheet --> Export --> Crosstab to Excel

           The excel format exactly looks like crosstab. The following are observed:

           a) Not like a Table


      Do we have any alternatives? I checked in Tableau 8. Its the same.


      3. When we export a dashboard to PDF, the quick filters are also visible in the PDF. Can we crop the quick filters during export?


      Any thoughts on this really helpful! Thank you!


      Best Regards