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    How to create quadrants based on sets in Tableau V8 and those sets can be dragged to color shelf to identify the outliers?

    Kiran v

      Hi Tableau Wizards,


      This is in regards to the quadrant issue Josh solved for me but I have an added layer to it. Thanks a great deal. But I was at the Tableau conference V8 roadshow yesterday in Minneapolis and it was great. I was there when the director of customer service was a keynote speaker and he was explaining the new enhancements in V8.

      Now i was wondering that he explained in brief about creating sets in V8 with simple AND, OR, NOT statements instead of using complex ELSE/IF statements. And by creating sets like those we could drag them into colors and make static or dynamic quadrants which would show me by color my cash cow is in the upper right quadrant and my developing products are in the lets say down right quadrant. Cash cows are in the upper left quad etc.


      Could anyone please be so kind and explain me how could I do that with this data set. I would really like to see a static or a dynamic quadrant.  quadrant with four sets broken down with AND, OR conditions. I have attached the data set.


      Thanks a great deal.