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    Filter: "All dates" not including all dates


      I am having a specific issue with Tableau, where I have a date filter (sliders) set to show all dates in the data source (Filter > Special > All dates). The published workbook often doesn’t show/include the most recent dates (i.e. the right-side of the date filter). Sometimes it will, sometimes it won't. Completely unpredictable. This only happens on the workbook published to the server, never my local copy.


      While I haven't been able to demonstrate this consistently, it seems that what other users have selected in this date filter can influence the right-side date that I see when I next open the workbook.


      My workaround right now is to instruct users to refresh the report data (by clicking on the "Refresh data for this view" button), and this seems to refresh it to include all dates as expected. Of course, it would be best if users did not have to do this when they open the workbook.


      Does anyone know the cause of this issue, and whether there is a better workaround than asking the users perform a data refresh themselves?


      Thank you.




      Edit: Tableau version 7.