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    Changing from a TDE data source to SQL

    Anthony Spalding

      I have a number of Tableau models that I've created using four data sources, which consist of TDE files originally built from CSV files.  These were originally created as part of a proof of concept project that, suprise, was so successful that users demanded it straight away.


      These data sources on which the models were built have now been put into production and will be delivered as SQL tables, rather than CSV files.  I've added the new data sources to a new model and published them on a newly installed copy of Tableau Server that will be used as delivery method for the models.


      Now what I want to do is take the original models and replace the CSV/TDE data sources with the new ones that have been published, without having to rewrite all of the views and dashboards they contain.  Note that the fields are identical in name, data type and contained data.


      Finally, at the moment I'm using v7, but v8 will be installed on our development servers within a week, so I can wait until then if the change is only available or much easier in the latest version.


      Is there a quick way of changing the data source type, or am I resigned to a lot of rework?