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    How do I create a date selection field in a dashboard that applies to all the charts, while each chart has a different date field?

    Willem Dirven



      I currently have a sales/deals/shipments dashboard with 4 charts based on 4 different datasets. Updating all charts when I select a partner or country works fine. But what I really need is to be able to select a date (or period - e.g. transactions that happened last week or month) that applies to all the charts.


      The 4 charts are based of 4 different datasets, yet all have some sort of date field. The date format is different though between datasets. Some are just a MM/DD/YYYY, others also include hour:minute:seconds, etc. Running each of the 4 charts by date / period in a regular sheet / screen is not a problem, I just have not been able to define 1 date field at the dashboard level (or more e.g. a year field, Qtr field) that would apply to all the charts instantaneously.


      One suggestion I received was the following but i have not been able to get this to work:

      If multiple datasources, you'll have to get a bit tricky. Instead of filtering directly on a date, set up a parameter with the date ranges your interesting in (last week, last month, last quarter, etc). Then use this parameter to create a date filter in each of the data sources. Then use the parameter control on the dashboard to adjust the dates in all the views.


      Please advise.




      (Using Tableau 7.0)