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    overlay data trend lines

    Vincent Atwood

      I am trying to overlay dat (using trend lines).  I have a weekly trend line that shows last year's sales QTD and this years sales QTD.  Right now I have to show them side by side.  The data comes from the same field, just filtering on the first # of weeks and years 2012 and 2013.


      I would like to overlay the two trend lines.  Is this possible with tableau?  The figures are not related to any geographic points - just general sales data and other variables like unique number of customers/week, # of orders/week, etc..


      I have attached a sample file.  I would like overlay the 2013 column over 2012 column.

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          Alex Kerin

          This does that, but does not have your list of different measures - you may have to create each one separately as you can't have multiple dual axis charts in a way I can think of.


          The essence is a lookup that finds the sales value from the prior year. Sheet 1 does this with a calc that looks 12 rows back (12 months if you set the partitioning correctly). This is fine if you know you have values for every month with no gaps. The second sheet looks back a single row (1 year), and the partitioning on the table calc is slightly more complex.

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            Vincent Atwood

            Thanks Alex,


            I tried your method - thanks so much for adding the sample file so I could see how you created/used the calculated fields.  I was able to create overlays even with the different measures - used the same lookup calculation only the $ values used -1 value, while the countd values used -12.  I'm not sure what partitioning is all about so just played around until they worked.


            Thanks again.


            -- added a jpg of the trends - if i figure out how to add a sample tableau file i'll attach it