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    Report - 2 data sources - Filtering All


      Hi All,


      I have 2 data sources that fetch data from same table , but only that they are differentiated in the query by a condition in the where clause for Test/Control.


      Now I build a dashboard with both reports and getting to filter the reports based on dates. Here the DAY(DATE) filter in the reports are set to use all and it works fine.


      Problem is when I filter based on ch / cl the report is not filtering data. Can anyone please help fix this report so that all filters work in the report dashboard and help me asap .


      You can also check by selecting anything apart from 1 in control channel and imps column data goes missing in the dashboard. This is an example to help with the issue.


      I tried all methods but the data for specifically the calculated fields are not filtering in the dashboard. Please help fix this report .


      Thanks in Advance