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    URL and Filters

      When I enter a URL to view a worksheet in Tableau Server, and I try to set the filter, the end result is a filter is created but it is surrounded by parenthesis, which isn't a valid value. Example of the URL entered:




      Result in the quick filter is (9 0647) instead of 9 0647. Why are the parenthesis getting added? Note, the field "Region and District" exist on the worksheet as a quick filter (it is a global filter), and "Region and District" are a calculated field.  Below is a snapshot of the screen based on the URL entered:



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          Russell Christopher

          Hey Nick --


          This looked weird to me, so I tried the same thing -- and get the same result. However, I've noticed something interesting.


          If I filter like this:




          ...Then the quick filter shows (United Blingdom). Of course there is no such place, and what we're showing is wrong.  If I filter on a "good value":




          ...then it works fine.


          So is there indeed a value of "9 0648" in your database field?


          I probably would open a support case on this either way as this looks suspect to me - but wanted to give you something else to try first...

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            Thanks Russell, that was it, had a space that was missing and that threw it off.  Thank you very much!