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    Action to jump to another dashboard in same workbook based on field values

    Jonathan Drummey

      Here's my situation:


      I've got a set of hospital metrics that display in a single dashboard and come from one data source. Things like falls per 1000 patient days, % of patients responding positively to certain survey questions, etc. There's a parameter to choose the specific floor/unit or all units (I'm currently using a parameter in order to support some funky padding that I'm doing, see http://drawingwithnumbers.artisart.org/tableau-data-blending-sparse-data-multiple-levels-of-granularity-and-improvements-in-version-8/ for details on that.) Here's a screenshot of a bit of the dashboard with some sample data and some very strange banding, I think it's an artifact of the screenshot:




      What I'd like is for the user to be able to highlight a measure and then jump to another dashboard that has details for that measure. However, I haven't been able to do that no matter what I've tried:


      • The per-measure detail dashboards are distinct because the measures have very different data sets behind them, for example for the fall details we show per-fall information like location and injury, whereas for details of hospital acquired infections we show the organism and other data. If this weren't the case, I'd be able to use a single detail dashboard and then filter it for the specific information.
      • I haven't been able to figure out any technique to get a Filter Action to jump to a different target based on the chosen (selected/highlighted) measure.
      • I have tried out using URL Actions where each measure has an associated URL action that points to the appropriate dashboard in the workbook. There are two problems with this: One is that the URL Action opens a separate window or tab, and we want to keep all the browsing within the same workbook/same set of tabs. The second problem is that separate window is a separate instance of the workbook, so any changes to parameters or global filters in workbook B are not available in workbook A.
      • Given the volume of information, using a web object to load up the detail dashboard doesn't seem to be feasible from a design standpoint, and still has the issue that paramaters & global filters in one workbook won't affect the other.


      Am I missing anything? Does anyone have any ideas on how to work around this?





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