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    Question with calculating variance of 2 measures

    Kenneth Ho



      I am having problems with validating calculation by Tableau.  I tried to trace where the problem is, but I can't figure it out.  Can anyone please help me with it.  I tried to attach the file, but some member advised that I should hide the info. Hence, if you don't mind, I can send my .twbx file to your email if you need it.


      I have attached 2 print screens.  One is the summary of my calculation and the other is the bar chart by Org level variance.


      My calculation is total allocation - LE used.  I have attached the formula below:

      SUM([allocation_v3#csv (allocation_v3.csv)].[Total allocated LE])-sum([LE Used])


      In the summary, I have 2 problems,

      1) at CS other org level, all variance are showing 0 instead of negative number, how can i fix that? 

      2) if you look at the total variance number by Creative Center group, it is showing -35.7, but i don't know why when i put together in a bar chart, the number change to positive (+71.7).  Is there anything wrong?  Thanks