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    Plotting a function on top of a graph

    Charles Ayotte-Trépanier

      Here's what I'm trying to do:


           I have number of records on the x axis, the average time on the y axis, the type of transaction in the level of detail box, and do a scatter plot. I can then clearly group transactions by average time, or total number of records. What I'm also interested in is the total time taken for that transaction. Of course, I could just add that in the level of detail, but it's not satisfying. I want to be able to group my transactions. What I want to do is to plot the function c = average time * number of records. Everything over that line has a total time over c, and everything under has a total time under c.



      There's 2 things I would like to fix:


           1.The formula used is: 50000000*power(sum([Number of Records]),-1). It is calculated from the number of records variable. I would like it to be smooth, let's say, calculated every (0,1000,2000,...,500 000).


           2. Also, here the total time is 50000000. Can I make that a user defined variable, from a slider for example, so that the user can move that line?