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    Tableau Server workbook XML Generation (Performance Issue)

    Sohaib Nadeem



      We have a new client for a module in our product which is using the tableau server for workbook publishing and then generating the XMLs of those workbooks using tabcmd to get the required information for further processing in the module at runtime.


      I have given the user a textfield and a button beside the textfield. User can give the URL of workbook from the tableau server in the textfield and after pressing the button the control goes to tabcmd by some means which takes that URL and generates the XML in the background.


      Issue is this that the background process of generating the XML from the given URL and then getting the information from the XML takes almost 20 seconds, which is very bad experience for the user because he has to sit and wait for the all processing done. It will be feasible to wait for upto 10 seconds but 20 seconds are too much.


      Please tell me how can I improve the performance of this process?

      It will be really appreciated. IS it because of server response for generating the XML or is there any other issue with it?

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          Russell Christopher

          Hi Sohaib -


          I'm not 100% clear what you're doing, but it sounds like you're trying a simple tabcmd get "/workbooks/<workbook>"?


          Each time you launch tabcmd there will be a generally be a pause as the JVM gets spun up. After that, things should go pretty quickly. I just ran the following as a test, and got my workbook in ~5.6 seconds...might it be the user's machine is under-powered?:


          C:\>tabcmd get "/workbooks/Book2.twbx" -f c:\book2.twbx -s http://localhost -u username -p password

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            Robert Morton

            Hi Sohaib,


            If your workbooks are big .twbx files because they contain large data extracts, you may be experiencing problems with both the file transfer and the cost of unzipping the .twbx ZIP file format to get the workbook XML within. You may wish to consider using a non-extract data source such as a live database connection, or alternatively a Data Server connection with its own data extract. This will ensure that you aren't bringing down large data extracts with your packaged workbooks, and this may address most of your performance problems.


            I hope this helps,