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    Create pie chart with six measures

    Matthew Petrich
      In my data, I have seven measures related to an employee.
      For Employee1, the data would look like this.
      Measure NameMeasure Value
      Target Replacement Ratio88%
      Above Target12%
      Qualified Benefits5%
      NonQualified Benefits7%
      Social Security35%
      Balance To Target38%
      The Target Replacement Ratio comes in via user input from a parameter.
      Above Target is the difference between 100% and Target Replacement Ratio.
      Equity, Qualified Benefits, NonQualified Benefits, Social Security are all static and don't change.  These values come from a database table.
      Balance To Target is the Target Replacement Ratio - Equity + Qualified Benefits + NonQualified Benefits + Social Security
      What I want to do is create a pie chart with all these values (excluding Target Replacement Ratio) which total 100% for Employee1.
      Then, as the user changes the Target Replacement Ratio via parameter input, the pie chart would change accordingly (since Above Target and Balance To Target would change per the new Target Replacement Ratio).
      Thank you very much for any help you can provide.