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    Export to Excel

    Sk Safi

      Do we have the fesibility to export the data of a tabular KPI to excel with out using "Export to Crosstab".

      Can we make another button to export in excel for a perticular KPI?





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          Rafi B

          Hi Safi,


          You can also save data as excel format


          Select data on report and right click,select "view data" then you will get an option “Download all rows as text file”.


          Having said that may I ask you why do you need extra button for exporting into excel when there is already option provided by Tableau.


          Are you kind of trying to restrict users from exporting data into other formats (excluding excel). 




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            Sk Safi

            Hi Rafi,


            User want to just select a button and download the excel for the KPI.

            and the button will be  only for  a specific KPI.




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              Tracy Rodgers

              Hi Safi,


              This functionality does not currently exist. It might be a good one to post in the Ideas section and explain the use case.



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                Joel Hughes

                Hi, Safi.


                I would check out this link and read @kriebela in the comments section. I think this just may be your solution.


                Take care,