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    Urgent requirement-Hyperlinks(actions) for dashboard to different workbooks based on individual field not the entire sheet.

    Monika G

      Hello All,

      I have to create a dashboard consists of Summary tab and corresponding drill down workbook views.


      In Summary Tab, i have Grid(Table) for different Measure and the value corrsponding it like as shown below


      The summary Tab will look like this:


      %Change in sales20.34
      Variation to Budget654578



      My hyperlink or action requirement:

      If we click or select any measure, it goes to respective workbooks based on the measure selected.  Like this for every measure i need different hyperlink to go to their respective workbooks. In the above table for total 7 measure values, i have 7 different workbooks to link.


      While I'm trying to add Actions for individual measure ,to link to their respective workbook, it is pointing to only one workbook.


      Please share your thoughts to how to achieve this requirement.


      Thank you