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    Quick filter month slider

    Brian Smith

      I am using sales data summarized at the monthly level, and I'm running into two issues. First, while all of my records have a month and a year attached to them, I can't seem to get Tableau to treat those values as being date-related in any way. In other words, if there is no specific date involved (like the 10th or the 21st), Tableau does not want to treat my month or year values as anything other than simple numbers.


      This part is not crucial -- I can use numbers like 201203 to stand for March 2012, for instance, and still get by -- but it would be nice to be able to present actual months in my interface, have them automatically be in the correct order, etc. Any guidance on this point is appreciated.


      The other problem is this: I would like to create a slider quick filter for those numeric month values like 201203, and it needs to be the type of slider that has separate arrows for the minimum value and the maximum value. Tableau is only allowing me to make a single-arrow slider, so I can't choose a range -- and I suspect it's because those numeric month values are not continuous, but instead have gaps like the one between 201212 and 201301. Does anyone have any suggestions?