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    date_time quick filters (sliders X_X)

    Aaron Hogan

      Hey Guys


      I'm using a slider style quick filter to filter the date_time on many (if not all) of my sheets and what i've found is that every day the max value of the slider (which is yesterday on my datasource) will never stay at the value of the day before.




      workbook published with date_time slider using "Special" and "all dates". when tomorrow rolls around and the data is refreshed along with the workbook the date slider is preset to the same date that i published the workbook, in this case yesterday.


      my question:


      is there a way to force quick filters to always show the MAX value in that date slider.



      similarly this is also happening with other filters that have dynamic values. for instance we track conversions on our ad network (obviously) and if yesterday we only had 100 conversions but the next day we have 160 conversions the quick filter will show 0-100 on the day with 160 conversions but the slider will have movement space. I want the slider right hand value to always be the MAX available figure.



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          Joshua Milligan



          With a continuous date filter (Range of Dates) or a continuous measure, you can select the "Special" option and select "All Dates" or "All Values" and the slider should always default to the min and max for the data set.  But be careful that if you ever change the values and then save the workbook, the value you set becomes the default.  You can always drag the field back to the filter and redefine the filter as described above.






          All Dates.png

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            Aaron Hogan

            thanks for this Josh. I am using the special and all dates tab and have been running some tests to see what  might be happening. I believe it may have been user error on my behalf and getting confused between times where i've changed the date range the day before and didn't revert OR published the workbook with my own date range selected as you alluded to above.


            thanks for your reply though, much appreciated.

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              Sk Safi

              Hi Joshua,

              Is it possible that when the updated date will come then the slider will automatically show date range till the updated date ?


              Example :

              On 04/13/2013 dashboard was published and the date range slider was till the last date.

              Date slider was showing : 04/01/2013----04/13/2013.

              Now on 04/14/2013 data extract is refreshed in server and new date 04/14/2013 has come in date.

              So,will the date slider automatically show as 04/01/2013-----04/14/2013

              or have to manually reset the date from  04/13/2013  to 04/14/2013 to see the data till the updated date...?