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    Parse out Number from Text String Then Use as Part of Conditional Formula

    Sam Chevadisaikul

      Hi All,


      Apologies in advance if these are newbie level questions. Currently, I get a data extract that returns the last 24 months of sales data with label headers like MNTH1_NEWSALES, MNTH2_NEWSALES, etc. whereby MNTH1 is the most recently completed month (February) and MNTH2 is the prior month (January).  A sample data set is attached.


      My questions:

      1. How do I capture the integer value out of the text string and what do I for months 10-24 that have two digits? Unfortunately, the extract can not do 01, 02, etc

      2. How do I write a formula that compares the current date to the integer captured from the column headers and then sums up the column values only if they are within the current year?