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    Extract refresh skipped

    Thomas Bergonzini



      We are using Tableau Server and we have a bunch of extracts to be refreshed every 15 minutes.

      With the time it takes for all the extracts to be refreshed, the 15 minutes time frame does not seem to be enough to run all the extracts.

      My problem is that apparently some of the extract refreshes just get skipped and not error message appear on the maintenance view "Background Tasks" (admin/views/tabbed_admin_views/BackgroundTasks).


      Is there any way to know about these extract refreshed being skipped ?


      Thank you

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          Thomas Bergonzini

          To answer my own question:

          I received some feedback from Tableau Support. Tableau Server does not consider skipping an extract as an error per say. The only indication of the extract being skipped is in Tableau logs. A request has been made to try include these in the backgroung task admin views of Tableau Server.

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