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    Slower Performance When Using Sets

    Jonathon Stewart



      I've noticed that reports using sets are often a bit slower than reports that do not use sets.  Using Interworks Tableau Performance Analyzer, I created worksheets that present the same data both with and without sets.  The worksheet without sets loads faster - about 10 seconds faster. When looking at individual queries, the worksheet with sets has a handful of queries above 2 seconds, while the worksheet without sets only has 1 query above 1 second.


      Most of our reports are built off of Microsoft Analysis Services (cubes). We frequently use sets as a way limit the amount of information that is presented in a dashboard and limit the option available in a filter - for example only showing Math and English assessment data instead of all subjects.


      Is anyone else noticing performance hits when using sets?  Have any suggestion for alternatives?  We are looking into transitioning away from cubes, but that probably wont' happen for another several months.