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    Conditionally format Gantt shapes

    Andy Weiss

      A little on the rookie side here, but does any one know how to conditionally format a shape for a gantt chart based on whether it is a duration vs. a milestone?  Specifically, I built the attached sample gantt workbook and created a calculated field for Duration.  For any duration of zero (i.e., end date - start date = 0), can I make it a different shape from the gantt bar for those activities which extend over a period of time (duration is >0)?


      Thank you in advance for any assistance.

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          Jim Wahl

          Hi Andy,


          You should be able to get what you want with a dual-axis chart with multiple mark types.


          1. Create Calculated Field: Zero-day Milestone

          Right-click on GA Launch Date > Create cal. field. >

             IF [Duration] == 0 THEN [GA LAUNCH_DATE] END


          2. Add to view

          Convert this new field to continuous (right-click on dimension), add to the view next to GA Launch Date pill, select Month detail level to match first pill.


          3. Create view

          3.1. Right-click Zero-day Milestone pill > Dual Axis

          3.2. Right-click top axis > Synchronize Axis and then uncheck Show Header

          3.3. On Marks shelf > Select Multiple Mark Types

          3.4. Scroll to Marks for Zero-day, select shape, remove size pill, and select the shape you want, adjust size to hide the underlying Gantt bar.


          If the underlying zero-day gantt lines bother you, you could create a new calculated field for GA Launch Date that includes only non-zero duration events.


          See attached workbook.




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            Andy Weiss

            Thank you Jim.  That is exactly what I am looking for.  I am going to give it a try later this weekend.  Thank you so much for the response!

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              Andy Weiss

              Worked like a charm Jim.  Thank you again!