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    Color layering and visible background data

    Alexander christopherson

      I am creating a filled map that tracks sales that is being segmented by zip codes. I am further breaking down the map by using unique colors for each sales person. I am able to do this fine but I am having a problem in one area. Let's say I have only two sales people and they overlap in a few zip codes areas. The salespeople overlap and when Tableau maps this it gives a slightly different shaded color for the zip code, which I like. However, I want to be able to view how many sales each salesperson gave in these overlapped areas. I have made calculated fields that will count the number of sales per salesperson in the overlapped zip codes, however, whenever I hover over the zip code on the map, the data only returns one of the totals and the other is marked as Zero. I have played around with it for a while I realized the the color, and which sales person total is listed, will change based on the order of color in the legend for map. Is there a way to bypass the hierarchy of the coloring so that both sets of totals are listed and not just the one that is of a higher order in the color legend?


      From my understanding it seems that two layers are being created, one for each sales person, each with a different color, and being laid on top of the other based on the order in the legend. For the overlapping areas, is there a way to show the total data of the zip code instead of the current top layer?