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    Showing only Active Files based on Status Dates

    Matthew Hillis

      I am working on creating a Live File Crosstab and only want to show files that in an Active processing Status.  I have dates that are filled in for Application, Cancelled, Denied and Closed.  I want to filter out all Loans that have a date in Cancelled, Denied or Closed.  I created the IF THEN below but it is not giving me the results I expected.  I have attached a scrubbed excel file with data.




          ISNULL([Closed Date])


          ISNULL([Denied Date])


          ISNULL([Cancelled Date])




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          Dan Huff



          If you change your calculation to the following, you should be able to achieve what you want to see:


          ISNULL([Closed Date]) AND ISNULL([Denied Date]) AND ISNULL([Cancelled Date])


          This will create a boolean field in your dimensions list. From there, you can simply add this to your filters shelf to find the Loans that are still classified as active. I suspect you may be able to achieve similar results using your Current Status All field as a filter but as I do not know how variable these values are, I stuck with editing your calculation.


          Hope this helps,