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    Calculated fields in the filter or columns is not working right?

    Minh Nguyen

      Hi all,


      I am trying to filter "good" or "bad" performance of one indicator which is based on another calculated field. I put it in the level of detail and the filter but it is not working right.


      What I am trying to do is to plot a line graph between 2 variables to see the trend over time of the variable 1 in relation to variable 2, and I also want to break the view into 2 parts: one for good performance and one for bad performance.


      Good and bad performance is based on the conditions:

      - the country has at least 3 growth episodes, each episode includes 4 consecutive years with a growth rate of 4%/year. These numbers are parameters and we can change them.


      For example, for one country, with the above conditions, we have this:


      Still, after I did all calculations, I am not able to use that performance as the filters or in the Columns to plot the relationship between 2 variables over time.


      I attached the packaged file in version 7 and 8, and hope that any one can help me to figure it out (the main things are Sheet1 and Sheet6).


      Any help is much appreciated. Many thanks for looking at this.