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    Publishing with tabcmd - errors suddenly

    Alan Robinson

      Hi all,

      I have been using tabcmd to automate publishing via batch files with no issues until today. Suddenly, when re-publishing a worksheet I'm getting error"Update error. Another user has modified the workbook, please resubmit your change. Operation Cancelled" No other user has touched the worksheet (.twb) in question, I even did a compare between current and previous (to find the xml internally identical). The worksheet does not exist in Tableau worksheet view list under the same (administrative) user nor any other.  Re-trying gave me "execution expired" repeatedly on successive attempts. Tried restarting / rebooting to no avail. Same error for publishing a worksheet successfully published yesterday (just to see).

      Nothing else running on server. All files are local (in \bin and below). Is there any more info on these errors anywhere? Anyone have any idea? Thanks.


      Here an example of a publish command I'm using (with square brackets delimiting info)


      tabcmd publish "Workbooks\[worksheet].twb" -o --project "[projectname]" -n "[projectname]-[worksheet]" --db-username "[dbusername]" --db-password "[dbpassword]" --save-db-password --tabbed -s http://server.company.com.au -u [username] -p [password]

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