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    Hide dates but keep them in the data set

    Brittany Fong

      I am trying to create a bar graph that will show the value for just for January.  But in order to make this calculation a running total is required.  If I use a filter on the data the running total will be wrong.  But without the filter I see values for the whole year rather than just January.


      YTD Route/FTE sheet shows the correct value (2070.7) for January however it also shows the rest of months in the year as well.


      Calculations are as follows:

      Route/FTE YTD: RUNNING_SUM(SUM([Number of Records])) / RUNNING_SUM([Productive Hours].[Total FTE])


      Data for the calculations can be found on sheet 25.


      I need to figure out how to create a parameter that will allow me to select month (January, February...) to show.  But the underlying data from the whole year will still be used in the running sum.


      Thank You!