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    Disable view data?

    Louise Franklin



      I have a feeling the answer may be no, but ... is there a way to 'disable' the ability for users to see the underlying data in a packaged workbook?


      My Tableau (desktop, no server) file is connected to a SharePoint list which contains a lot of sensitive information. Whilst it is fine for people to see the graphical aggregated output of the data from the dashboards it is important that they do not have access to the full tabular database extract - as this would allow them to match up specific attributes for each item.


      I don't think I can get away with using the hide fields functionality when extracting a copy of the data and using this, as I do use all the identiying fields. Perhaps multiple extracts with different fields hidden in each could work but definitely not ideal.


      My understanding is that for those viewing the workbook in Tableau Reader they will not be able to view the data, however, anyone with Tableau can do this. Is there a way to 'lock down' this ability?


      I hope that makes sense,