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    How to Summarize Data after Duplicating Records From Joining Two Tables


      I have joined 2 tables together and have duplicated records.  The first table has more records than the second and I understand that when joining the second table to the first I will be duplicating table 2.  I need to know how to handle this issue.  A summary of my issue along with the attached files are below:


      The first table looks like this:    

      Data Set 1.jpg

      The second table looks like this:

      Data Set 2.jpg

      When I combine the tables through a join I THINK they look like this:


      Data set 1 left join Data set 2.jpg


      I completed the join in Tableau and did some analysis, the resulting views along with what I need the views to be are shown below:


      View one appeared correct summing on Value 1:

      Tableau Data Set 1.jpg

      The second view also appeared correct but thie view is not posted, but is attached in the tableau file.


      The incorrect views are shown below along with what I need them to look like when I summarize data on table 2:

      Wrong View 1.jpg

      Wrong View 2.jpg


      I have attached the excel file along with the tableau file as mentioned.  How do I correct the issues identified.


      Thank You