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    SugarCRM MySQL encoding error calculated fields

    Egor Larin

      Hi there,


      • I'm using live connection to sugar crm mysql database to the table of services
      • I need to create Tableau custom field. It must be a list of new criterias of services




      IF CONTAINS([document_name],'russian text 1') then '1'

      elseif CONTAINS([document_name],'russian text 2') then '2' else '0' end


      • I want to put this list of criterias to colour palette)
      • But after refreshing i've got a wrong result. Everywhere is null
      • But! I've got correct calculation after creating extract!)


      I think that the problem is with the encoding of fields with names of service on russian language in mysql database


      How can I fix this without making deals with database administrator ?))))I don't want to create extracts