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    Changing Rank and League Tables

    Christopher Henderson



      I have a data set which shows the target points that a sales representative has gained across 4 key products by month for 2013. What I have done so far is to put this data into a table and sorted it by the row grand total to provide a kind of make shift league table.


      Sales Rep     Product A          Product B          Product C          Product D          Grand Total (Sorted)


      Person A          10                    20                         30                    10

      Person B          11                    15                         22                    10    

      Person C          10                    10                         10                    10



      What I would like to do is to provide an indicator on the sales representatives rank movement from the previous month.


      For example if the user selects February as a month to review, currently they get a league table as mentioned, what I would like to do is to have an arrow shape indicate how each sales representative has moved since the previous month, in this instance January.


      How do I do this in Tableau?


      Any help is much appreciated!